Quality management in practice at A.C.T.

Our quality is backed up by more than just an impressive certificate hanging on a wall. Each and every one of our employees contributes to the continuous improvement of our services – for us, quality management is a way of life. This is guaranteed not only by our agency management and a target-oriented quality policy, but also by our quality management representative, who serves as a point of contact for all quality management matters and fosters communication among the departments, pinpointing potential for improvement and supporting co-workers with expert advice.

Putting quality management into practice means planning and implementing projects, examining the results and incorporating the insights that are gained in the next project.


Lean processes make it easier to plan translation projects. This leaves more time for consultation and customized solutions.


We pay attention to every detail when implementing each project. We communicate and discuss all aspects of the project extensively and we document the process.


We record all the findings and review the results carefully. Where can we continue to improve? And we ask our clients the same question.


This way, all our employees can benefit from a wealth of experience. We are well equipped and ready to plan the next project.

To us, striving for continuous improvement means:

  • Networked communication across departments – we communicate and exchange information extensively
  • Employee training and further education – we stay on top of the latest developments
  • Process documentation – we record results and communicate our experience to all our staff in the form of guidelines in a knowledge base
  • Measuring client satisfaction – what works well and where can we improve
  • Optimized processes and leaner workflows – leave us with more time for important tasks

For us, quality is paramount. This is reflected in our quality management system, which has been certified by TÜV in accordance with ISO 9001.

What does this mean for you? The advantages for you at a glance:

Speed and efficiencyTransparency and qualityExpertiseLower costs
Our continuous improvement process allows us to work more quickly – so you never have to wait for long. Many of our clients are already impressed by the speed with which they receive a quote for a translation from A.C.T.Our active error prevention system means that you can depend on us. But if you ever have a reason to complain, rest assured that we will do everything in our power to make sure that the issue will not arise again.Continuous improvement also means continuous education and training. We always keep pace with the latest developments so that we can provide you with expert advice.The fact that we are constantly optimizing our processes has another advantage for you: We can pass the resulting cost savings on to our clients.

And last but not least: By scrutinizing our performance on a regular basis, we can tailor our offers to your requirements with increasing precision. You can even help us with this.

Working together for complete satisfaction

If we want to meet our clients’ expectations, we need to know what is important to them. That’s why we regularly invite our clients to participate in our client satisfaction survey and explain exactly what they want and need. The results of this survey are a fundamental component of our quality management system – we need your feedback to adjust our services to meet your expectations.
That’s why we kindly ask you to keep the following in mind: Should you ever be dissatisfied in any way, please talk to us about it. Fair cooperation based on a partnership of equals is very important to us and our aim is for you to be 100% satisfied.

When you do it right, it works.

Annika Schmidt
Graduate Translator
Quality Management
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