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High-quality translations are our core business. But high quality involves serious effort – that’s why we use a quality management system (QMS) based on ISO 9001. We have been certified since May 2010 and are constantly working on the continuous improvement of our processes and services.

Annual audits by TÜV Rheinland confirm that the A.C.T. quality policy meets the requirements of the standard and achieves its goals.

ISO 9001

TÜV ISO 9001 certified specialist translations

What exactly is behind the ISO 9001 standard? Continuous improvement through certification.

A systematic quality management system serves to improve both our processes and our services and ensures that our clients receive exactly what they expect.

The ISO 9001 standard stipulates the minimum requirements that a quality management system needs to achieve in order to reach these targets. Besides the need for all processes to be defined and documented, they also have to be designed for efficiency, error prevention and continuous improvement. ISO 9001 is a firmly established component of the global economy.

It is the most significant and most widely used standard in the field of quality management and ensures added transparency and comparability across industries.

Every year, certified service providers are audited by the relevant certification authority and the effectiveness of their quality management systems is reviewed. Every three years, a re-certification audit is carried out to determine whether the certificate will be renewed.

You can find our agency’s current certificate here in PDF format.

ISO 17100  

Language service provider for technical translations

Quality management

for the translation process

While ISO 9001 is a standard for quality improvement across industries, the translation sector also has its own additional standard: DIN EN ISO 17100.  

This standard specifies requirements for the proficiency of translators, project managers and the translation and proofreading processes.  
The two-expert rule is particularly important in this context: Each translation must be checked by a second, translator with the same expertise to ensure that the result is flawless and the translation serves its intended purpose.

A.C.T. adheres to this standard as well because quality is our top priority. Find out more about our quality management system here.

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