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CAT stands for “computer-aided translation” and means using software to help produce a translation.

The translation memory (TM) system is just one component of the CAT tool, although the two are often used synonymously.

CAT tools are made up of the following subsystems:

  • The TM system
  • The terminology database
  • Conversion programs for integration with word processing and desktop publishing programs
  • Alignment tools that enable existing translations (related source and target texts) to be entered into the translation memory
  • Project management/workflow components
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How does a
translation memory system work?

Proofreading texts translation

Our translators prepare every translation in the CAT tool. Over the course of the translation process, the integrated TM system saves the text segments, which are small units of meaning, composed by the translator in a database created for you.

These translation databases are created for each language combination and each client and build the translation memory for your future texts.

The TM systems created specially for you are used for your translations. For every new translation text, the existing data is compared to the new segments and all possible matches are identified.

Our TM system then suggests the phrasing which has been used previously and approved to the translator to use again. If something is repeated within one text or across multiple texts, the corresponding segment will not be re-translated manually.

The text segments which have been pre-translated are exclusively created by the translator themselves and facilitate a faster, more cost-effective and consistent translation in terms of quality.

If you already have translated material or if you work with TM systems yourself, talk to your key account manager about this. Our Translation Engineering department offers a variety of solutions for data import.

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The advantage of our
translation memory system

Our translation memory system works on a cumulative basis, which means that the more translated text is entered into the system, the more time and money is saved.

The reason: The volume of previously translated content available for reference is constantly growing. The more uniform your corporate language is, the more obvious this effect becomes.

Dubbing translation services

The following types of text particularly benefit from processing with a translation memory system:

Subsequent versions of existing documents.

For these texts, only the parts of the documents that have been changed will be translated. Existing, approved parts of the translations are not modified. This saves time and money and prevents errors. 

Documents that are composed in clearly defined corporate language.

Set phrases and text blocks are saved in the system. This increases the consistency and comprehensibility of your texts and saves you money as fewer variables need to be translated.

Technical documents such as user manuals.

Consistency is generally very important for such texts. The translation memory can, for instance, ensure that standard texts which have been saved previously are translated in a predefined way.

At a glance

Benefit from our translation memory system

We streamline the translation process – the advantages speak for themselves:

  • Text consistency
  • Use of client-specific or industry-specific terminology
  • Shorter delivery times
  • Cost reduction and cost control
  • By programming text-specific filters, such as for XML files, we ensure that there will be no unintentional changes to the source code

Data protection in the translation memory system

The databases that we create on the basis of your texts are used exclusively for you. We adhere to stringent data protection requirements.


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Our quality management system, which has been certified by the TÜV organization in accordance with ISO 9001, ensures flawless results. Benefit from our commitment to continuous improvement.

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