More precise, more consistent – with terminology management

The key to successful communication in translation is the consistent use of industry-specific terminology.

A.C.T. understands this and puts consistency front and center. From the moment we accept your project, we create a terminology process that is specifically tailored to your business and your texts in order to ensure that your translations are consistent and comply with the standards in your industry.

We make this possible with the help of a term base, which we create, expand and maintain specially for you and your company. This client-specific glossary is directly linked to our translation software and displays the defined terminology during the translation process.

Our translation engineering team always finds the best solution for your corporate terminology.

We can

  • Store definitions for each term and add example illustrations.
  • Save synonyms.
  • Mark forbidden terms as such and exclude them from the translations.

Our professional terminology management

  • preserves and promotes your corporate language.
  • keeps texts consistent and subject-specific.
  • ensures uniform and consistent quality.

Terminology management consists of


Importing existing glossaries

Creating a term base for each subject area


Terminology exchange with your departments

Solutions for your corporate terminology

DTP foreign-language typesetting layout translations

If you already have glossaries for your preferred terminology, we can integrate these into our processes and add definitions and abbreviation lists.

Do you have your own in-house terminology management? We would be happy to set up online access to your terminology database that we manage for you and work together with you to develop it.

You don’t have a glossary yet? No problem. Using terminology extraction, we can compile your specific company terminology based on your reference texts or your multilingual company website.

For example, a manual which has been translated previously may contain several hundred technical terms, which can then be applied consistently in all languages and for all future texts.

Language services proofreading translation

Your terminology database keeps growing with every translation we create for you.

If you are not sure whether your existing foreign-language corporate glossaries are correct, we will be happy to check them and suggest alternatives.

Is each of the international subsidiaries in your company responsible for its own terminology management? We have solutions that centralize translation and terminology management while still incorporating the expertise of employees from each country.

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