Artificial intelligence (AI) and automation are the key topics at the moment

We see this progress in a positive light and are curious to see how the translation market will develop in the coming decades.

As a translation service provider, we are actively shaping this development by providing individual machine translation solutions. Machine translation means that the actual translation is not produced by a translator, but instead by a trained translation machine. This machine can be rule-based or based on artificial intelligence.

Rule-based vs. AI

Language produced by rule-based machines often sounds awkward, clumsy and doesn’t flow smoothly. If they are properly trained, the machines reproduce the source text in a precise manner.

Nowadays, machine translation is freely available online, based primarily on artificial intelligence (AI). Unlike rule-based machines, texts translated with AI often sound fluid and coherent in some language combinations, but they frequently contain hidden errors and render the facts differently to the source text.

The current situation is that MT is not yet recommended without subsequent proofreading by a professional translator. Proofreading an MT translation is referred to as post-editing .

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Texts can be pre-translated using the machine method after in-depth consultation with our clients and if the language combination and text type are suitable. These translations are then thoroughly checked and polished by a professional translator. This is not yet in keeping with our standard processes, but can be done for individual projects and clients.

We will be happy to advise you on the possibilities of machine translation.

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As frontrunners in the translation industry, we don’t just stay up-to-date with developments, we actively work to shape them. Join us on this path into the future. Our experts are happy to advise you about machine translation.


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