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Transcreation is a combination of translation and creation. It describes more than just the translation of creative texts into another language or culture; it also includes adapting the message to a specific target group. We adapt your content to suit the target markets and target readers and tailor it precisely to their specific needs. 

Transcreation is a shared journey

A feel for the essence of the message

A transcreator is a marketing translator and native speaker of the target language who often has additional training as a copywriter or has considerable experience of and an affinity for creative copywriting.

The benefits of transcreation go beyond pure translation in that it is not the text itself that is translated, but rather the feeling and the message that this text is meant to evoke in the reader. Transcreation often means that the words of the original text and the final text differ to a significant extent.

This is particularly often the case with texts that are associated with images since texts and images are replaced and only the message is communicated.

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In practice, transcreation is often a journey we take together with our clients to arrive at the desired result
– one in which the transcreator translates the text and changes the content in a way that preserves the intended message and impact.

He or she will then deliver the translated text together with a back translation, so you can see exactly where and how the text was changed in the target language.

Together, you make decisions about any further adaptations and even image replacements.

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Here’s a quick example from real life:

A travel agency wants to have a poster transcreated. For the German target market, the poster shows a palmy beach with the slogan: “Sehnsucht nach Wärme!” (Longing for warmth!)

This poster needs to translated so that it can be displayed in both Miami and Paris. The shared journey with A.C.T. begins and the transcreation process gets underway.

Which images will conjure up the feeling of longing in Miami and Paris? How should the slogan be translated so that the words underpin the emotion of longing? Our transcreators have just the right ideas and input and they often come up with several alternatives for you to choose from. Core messages are discussed and images are selected. Texts change and something new is created.

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High-quality content – precisely tailored to local markets

We offer professional transcreation services for your global marketing – for video and audio advertising, posters, brochures, flyers, slogans, websites and other web content.

Our specially trained translators keep a watchful eye on the following aspects when transcreating your messages:

  • Style
  • Tone
  • Dialects
  • Idioms
  • Technical terms
  • Cultural aspects of the target country
  • Specificities of the local market
  • Information and purchasing behavior of the target audience
  • Corporate and product image
  • Messages and emotions of the original text

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Transcreation experts take not only your words but also feelings, images, desires and dreams into other languages and cultures. So your content connects with your audiences on every level.

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