Making academic texts comprehensible

Scientific and technical jargon from any discipline tends to be inaccessible, if not completely incomprehensible, to laypeople.  

There are good reasons why popular scientific publications are intended for the general public and communicate scientific findings in a way that are easy to understand. We work with quality-conscious expert translators who can distinguish between target markets and produce translations that are both terminologically correct as well as geared to the target group.

Technical scientific texts

Entrust your lecture, dissertation, reference book or PowerPoint presentation to an expert and experienced language service provider in the field of science and research.  As a language service provider, we have been committed to meticulous and consistent terminology usage, formatting integrity and linguistic style for more than 30 years.

  • Scientific articles
  • Research papers and scientific texts
  • Abstracts
  • Essays and academic publications
  • Doctoral theses
  • Articles for industry journals
  • Dissertations
  • Synthesis reports
  • Scientific questionnaires and surveys
  • Scientific and academic papers
  • Studies
  • Methodology
  • Reference books
  • Institutes
  • Publications
  • Research reports
  • Patent applications
  • Non-fiction books

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Language service provider translate scientific texts

Professional expertise

professional translations

Our professional translators carefully and consistently adhere to the specialist scientific terminology for scientific translations. We translate from and into every scientific discipline  –  with expertise and precision.

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Translation management

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Quality management


Our quality management system, which has been certified by the TÜV organization in accordance with ISO 9001, ensures flawless results. Benefit from our commitment to continuous improvement.

Language service provider A.C.T. specialist translations business

More than just translations – the services we offer for business and commerce

Do you need an interpreter rather than a written translation? Let our expert interpreters do the talking for you – at conferences, lectures, during business trips or negotiations.

Do you want to understand every word and have your every word understood? Our experienced simultaneous, conference and escort interpreters will make sure that your communication is perfect. Anywhere and at any time.

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