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Professional interpreters are critical to your success. Flawless comprehension is crucial for the successful outcome of contract negotiations, conferences and corporate events.
Misunderstanding even a single word can have an adverse impact on business. Professional interpreters make sure that even the most subtle nuances are faithfully communicated to you and your business partners.

Interpreting services to suit every situation

We can provide you with interpreters for a wide variety of situations.
The type of interpreting service you need depends on the type of event:

  • Simultaneous interpreting
    A simultaneous interpreter translates the spoken text as the speaker is talking (usually inside a soundproof booth).
  • Consecutive interpreting
    Consecutive interpreting takes place in sections during the speaker’s pauses.
  • Liaison interpreting
    This type of interpreting is used in negotiations involving a small number of people. Here too, the interpreter translates the conversation in sections but off the cuff and without taking notes.
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We offer you both simultaneous and consecutive interpreters for your events, as well as interpreters for business negotiations.

Are you looking for an interpreter to join you on a business trip? We would be happy to offer you a travel interpreter.

For better communication!

As an interpreting agency with many years of experience, we offer you professional interpreters who have comprehensive industry knowledge in addition to their language proficiency.

Consultation and equipment

Proofreading texts translation
Get in touch with us and let us know your requirements.

Besides experienced interpreters,

we also provide you with comprehensive support and advice.

We will set up a multilingual individual or team of interpreters for any event, including contract negotiations, conferences or business trips that span several days.

We also provide all the necessary conference and sound technology. This includes on-time equipment delivery and on-site support provided by a specialist.

We facilitate better communication in any situation!

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Professional expertise

Exceptional interpreting services

As an interpreting agency with many years of experience, we provide professional interpreters with in-depth knowledge of specific industries in addition to their language proficiency.

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Translation management

The advantages at a glance

Your designated contact will work with you to define the goals of your project and ensure that all your expectations are met in full.
You can rest assured that we will fulfil all your requirements reliably and on time.

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Quality management

Outstanding processes

Our quality management system, which has been certified by the TÜV organization in accordance with ISO 9001, ensures flawless results. Benefit from our commitment to continuous improvement.

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