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The content of this website has been compiled with the utmost care. A.C.T. cannot assume liability for the up-to-dateness, accuracy or completeness of the information provided. As a service provider, A.C.T. is responsible for A.C.T. ’s own content on these pages under general law pursuant to Section 6 (1) of the Interstate convention on media services (MDStV) and Section 8 (1) of the Teleservices Act (TDG). Service providers are, however, not obliged to monitor third-party information transmitted or stored or to investigate circumstances indicating any illegal activity. This does not affect obligations for the removal or blocking of the use of information in accordance with the general laws. However, liability in this regard is only applicable from the time at which a concrete violation of the law becomes known. Upon becoming aware of such infringements, A.C.T. will remove such content immediately.

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