Using our heart and our head

We care: as a language service provider, we are committed to the welfare of our clients and employees, but our commitment goes beyond that because we believe that we bear a special responsibility. Language connects people all over the world, but not everyone has access to information in their own language.

We would like to do our part to help overcome these language barriers.

With an eye to the future

In this section, we would like to introduce you to the projects we are working on together with our clients and employees to make the world a little more open, a little greener and a little better.

Making the world greener

Welcome to our agency forest. Treat yourself to a little downtime and visit our
A.C.Trees. We have planted a little sapling for all of our loyal clients.

Our forest

Paperless office
Making the world a little more open

Our planet’s resources are limited. As part of our efforts to conserve them, our office has been virtually paperless for years. But we don’t stop there.
For us, being open and looking beyond our own horizons is an essential part of doing our job well.

Charitable activities
Making the world a better place

Every year, the entire team seeks to give back to society through charitable work. Typically, at the end of the year, the team members vote to select a
project that lets us contribute to making the world
a little better.

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